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Peoria AZ McDonald’s Charged With Discrimination & Retaliation Image by The People’s Prodigy**Fugitive Savant Boycott ALL Peoria AZ MCDONALD’S owned by Brandon O’Rourke via O’Rourke Investment Groups for nasty discrimination, threats, and violence against these protected minority groups: but especially African Americans Autistic/Aspergers Hispanic Americans Hispanics/Latinos Asian Americans Females Juvenile Females ( due to CRIMINAL sexual harassment & CRIMINAL retaliation) LGBT Mexican Americans Elderly...

William Nordhaus and Paul Romer win Nobel Prize in economics

The two Americans received the Nobel Prize in economics for their work on the relationship of climate change and technological innovation to economics. Wonkblog

Employers are courting less-educated workers — finally — but they aren’t offering pay increases

Workers without a college degree are switching jobs at a historic rate, as employers cast a wider net. But for now, workers aren’t getting raises, they’re only getting opportunities. Wonkblog

Sanders to launch new plan to break up Wall Street giants, including Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan

“We spent huge amounts of money bailing them out, and they are significantly larger now than they were back then,” Sanders said in an interview. Wonkblog

Inequality is worse than we know. The super-rich really do avoid a lot of taxes.

A lot of wealth is being held offshore. Wonkblog

FDA approves HPV vaccine for people up to 45

Expanded vaccination age could boost efforts against HPV-caused cancers. To Your Health

Less than 1% of rapes lead to felony convictions. At least 89% of victims face emotional and physical consequences.

The gap in consequences is vast: Fewer than 6 percent of rapes end in arrest, and fewer than 1 percent end in conviction. Meanwhile, nearly 9 in 10 victims face emotional and physical consequences. Wonkblog

America’s tallest and shortest states

People in the tallest states are, on average, nearly two inches taller than people in the shortest ones. Wonkblog
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  • volusianis: Malpractice premiums vary by location and specialty. General...
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