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Educational films reflect evolving views in 1960s about the health dangers of air pollution

“Darkening Day” features movies that were made to be watched in schools, libraries and noncommercial venues. Health

Pandemic sparks more people to hunt for their birthparents, long lost relatives

Finding a father, a mother or other kin becomes a bigger goal for some. And groups helping adoptees seek reunions say they’re seeing a growth in activity. Health

How Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death could jeopardize the Affordable Care Act

As the senior member of the Supreme Court’s liberal bloc, she had been a reliable vote to uphold the ACA and had been expected to do so again with the latest challenge. Health

Often, the elderly handle the pandemic very well. Here’s why.

Those 65 and older are usually more seasoned at waiting and more experienced at dealing with hardships and crises. Health

‘Long-haul’ covid-19 complications are real. I faced similar problems after surviving Ebola.

I’ve treated many patients with the disease. Their ailments continue long after their initial diagnosis. We doctors don’t know why. Health

CDC reverses controversial coronavirus guidelines for testing people without symptoms

The move comes after the White House coronavirus task force directed the agency last month to make changes that limited testing, sparking an outcry among medical and public health experts. Health

Is it covid-19 or the flu? What doctors say about the symptoms.

The viruses’ symptoms are similar, making it hard to distinguish between them. Doctors are urging people to get the annual flu vaccine to prevent a “twindemic” this fall and winter. Health

Trump’s appointees sought to censor what government scientists said about the coronavirus, emails show

Their emails showed how they hectored government scientists even as the virus raged out control. Health
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