Marijuana makes me feel good!!!!?

Question by : Marijuana makes me feel good!!!!? Anytime i smoke up i dont feel anything for a bit, but then a get dizzy and extremely laughable, i know ts illegal but ive been smoken it since gr6 and currently now in gr11, but now i hate being sober and when i get migrains if i have any weed i have some and feel amazing after, my heads clear im haven fun and just feel chilaxed, but i wanna know how else smoke pot and whatthey feel Best answer: Answer by William S.I once smoked and the next morning i woke up i had a child =\ Know better? Leave...

Lastest Study Accounting News

Studying accounting Image by Hortolano Estudiando para la recuperación en Septiembre, al final aprobé… : )

Cool Medical Liability Insurance Cost images

A few nice medical liability insurance cost images I found:

Lastest American Academy Of Orthopaedic Surgeons News

We met Randy Johnson…sort of Image by Jurischk This week, Kim and I went to San Diego for the largest orthopedic surgery conferences in the US, American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. It’s kind of like being in a Las Vegas for doctors. The vendor booths are unbelievable and there are lots of celebrities. This year, Randy Johnson was one of them. Getting this picture was something of a coup, although it came with a certain amount of humiliation. I will spare you the details but mention that it included me spouting my mouth off...

Nice Medical Doctors photos

A few nice medical doctors images I found: A medical doctor presenting health talk seminar at IITA clinic Image by IITA Image Library Medical doctor presenting health talk seminar at IITA clinic to IITA retirees while the Head, IITA clinic, Dr. Sikuade O. looks on. (file name: DSC_2757_n) ONTARIO 1953 —MEDICAL DOCTOR LICENSE PLATE Image by woody1778a Medical doctor plate, Ontario...