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What is Huntington’s Disease?

A whiteboard animation describing the Huntington’s Disease. Brought to you by the HOPES team at...

Top 6 Ways to Avoid Sudden Infant Death

Top 6 Ways to Avoid Sudden Infant Death One of the most frightening conditions for parents prevailing a lot nowadays is sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). SIDS occurrence is a sate whereby infants of the age 1 year or even less die suddenly without any known cause of the sudden death. There are no prior indications by the doctor and there no symptom shown by the child before the sudden death which is completely shattering experience to the new parents. All parents should know about the precautions they should take with newly born babies to...

Social host liability

by Internet Archive Book Images Social host liability Well, it’s that time of year again. We’ve got Thanksgiving on the last Thursday of November and we’ve no sooner recovered from that when Christmas is upon us. And for those still alive, there’s a further opportunity to celebrate come New Year. Indeed, statistics show we drink more over the next few weeks than at any other time during during the year. Sure, there are cookouts when a few friends come around and drink some beer, but this is the season of good cheer...