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healthcare_graph Image by jonathantellerelsberg Graph showing international comparison of publicly provided health care. Against the left axis, gray bars show the percentage of the population covered by the public system. Against the right axis, the line shows the percentage of GDP expended by each country’s government to achieve this level of coverage. Of the countries compared (Israel, Spain, Japan, Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and France) only the United States achieves less than 100% coverage,...

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National Stroke Association/ACRM Young Investigator Award in Post-Acute Stroke Rehabilitation Image by ACRM-Rehabilitation Congratulations: 2018 recipient: Kimberly P. Hreha, EdD, MS, OTR/L, Senior Postdoctoral Fellow, University of...

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MISSOURI: Just As In The Anatomy Of Man Every Nation Must Have Its Hind Parts Image by The People’s Prodigy**Fugitive Savant I’ll be making an homage to this oil painting via collagraph relief print plates I’m working on. The states will be Missouri & Florida. The starred cities will be Columbia, Ferguson, Lebanon, and Marshall MO & Orlando, Ocala & Pensacola FL. Then make versions including states & cities I.e. "EVERY CITY MUST HAVE ITS HIND PARTS’ with stars representing Scott Rozear Mason,...

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DSC01827 Image by srophotos

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Availability and use of language assistance services in community pharmacies Image by kclauson Poster presented at the 2009 American Medical Informatics Association Spring Congress