U.S. health-care worker with possible exposure to Ebola evacuated to Nebraska

American exposed to Ebola in Congo is flown back to United States. Person shows no symptoms of disease. Health

A former NBA star tried to save a boy with a facial tumor. A rare reaction led to tragedy.

The 8-year-old Congolese boy died from a “rare and unpredictable genetic reaction” to anesthesia during surgery. Health

Jennie-O recalls more than 164,000 pounds of ground turkey in widening salmonella outbreak

The announcement came amid a continued outbreak of salmonella in turkey products dating back to late last year. Health

FDA warns stem-cell company linked to E. coli infections

The agency said 12 patients became ill after receiving cellular treatments from California-based manufacturer Genetech. Health

CRISPR babies spur NIH director to call for public debate, new oversight

Francis Collins is looking for ways to restructure an existing NIH regulatory group to focus on these and other advanced technologies that affect the human germline. Health