Lawmaker promoting anti-vaxx bill suggests measles can be treated with antibiotics. (It can’t.)

Texas state Rep. Bill Zedler said that “with antibiotics and that kind of stuff,” people are still dying from measles in the U.S. Health

A smoker wrote his own obituary to stop others: ‘Quit — now — your life depends on it’

Geoffrey Turner, who died from lung cancer, used his obituary to warn others about the dangers of smoking. Health

Coaching Courses

Coaching Courses Coaching Courses for life or business coaches Imagine if you had the skills to help people make positive changes in their life? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to work with new people and help them to achieve set goals in life? Life coaches do this on a daily basis and thanks to Coaching Courses they are well equipped with all the skills that they need to have a huge impact in other peoples’ lives. A number of Coaching Courses are run throughout the whole of the UK and anyone seeking information about the specialist...

Chevrolet Camaro Insurance

by Internet Archive Book Images Chevrolet Camaro Insurance The Chevrolet Camaro is a car that fits the mid-price segment; at $ 22,995, it is a cross between the Ford Mustang and the Dodge Challenger, but on steroids. The ownership costs for such a powerful vehicle is bound to be high, but understanding them proves quite helpful in saving the money and taking a decision far more wiser than picking just the packaged deals. Forget about the value claims; it’s the ownership costs that determine a vehicle’s economic value, which, in...

Trump administration bars family planning clinics that provide abortion referrals from $286 million program

Planned Parenthood, which stands to lose $ 60 million a year, calls on courts, Congress to block the rule. Health