A hard fall unmasked an unusual condition that had caused her pain for years

After tripping over a dog and falling, an X-ray raised the prospect of cancer. So why had her intractable hip pain gotten better? Health

A psychiatrist was found guilty of distributing 1,200 painkillers after opioid task force bust

The doctor prescribed more than 1,200 pills to three sisters over a three-year span. Health

Vaping battle heats up as FDA deadline looms

Beginning May 12, manufacturers must prove their products benefit public health. Anti-tobacco groups hail the effort, but small companies see it as a threat. Health

U.S. judge delays decision on moving coronavirus-exposed Americans to Costa Mesa, Calif.

She says she will not issue a ruling based on people’s fears but calls on federal and California officials to allay concerns by answering residents’ questions. Health

Appeals court upholds Trump ban on abortion referrals by family planning clinics

9th Circuit ruling allowing so-called “gag rule” to take effect enrages reproductive rights and civil liberties groups. Health