beating heart surgery

Beating heart or “off pump” coronary artery surgery is the latest revolution in the management coronary disease. It is being embraced world-wide by increasing numbers of surgeons. Many of the advantages are subtle but reduced mortality, stroke, and bleeding as well as earlier discharge are well-established benefits. A cardiac stabiliser is mandatory for this surgery, most are single use only and very expensive, this one is multiple use and is saving many healthcare dollars.

Open Heart Surgery Live Telecast in Channel

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  1. shaidan14 says:

    It looks so squishy. I could just squeeze it… But I won’t, of course

  2. IROOX says:

    Is the yellow thing ish fat?

  3. Melki says:

    When we say thank you God, we’re saying we owe to God therefore we are going to love others to help other people like we’ve been helped. Ofcourse we pay the doctor to the extent of our capabilities he saved us. But we don’t just acknowledge one thing, we want to acknowledge love and to propagate love that took part in the work of doctors, governments, etc, in providing us systems of care, safety, and hope. Love is an inclination.

  4. Melki says:

    I’m a Christian and I do say things like that. That doesn’t mean that the doctor didn’t save me. My God is Love. He keeps the meaning, He keeps the inclination to help people. When you love people you’re practicing God.
    It’s really good to give thanks to doctors, universities, and the hospital. But if Love is not in the world, there would be no giving thanks and good intentions, self control, and integrity needed to fight medical problems. God is Love, the world is fractal, and protective of us

  5. missionwin says:

    I founf myself enjoy watching surgery video. My friend say im not normal. -.-

  6. bheart63 says:

    already deleted that comment.

  7. Jason Boyd says:

    no your an idiot

  8. muralideziner says:


  9. erdenebaatarsh says:

    lag yumooo

  10. Nora Doski says:

    @intrepidxprodigy91 duh but they get pay for it

  11. DeLonsh says:


  12. Freethinker12341 says:

    un fucking real.. far we’ve come in terms of science, scientists actually know where and how and when to cut which artery which what instrument and whats gonna happen to what. its incredibly humbling..

  13. GeckoGuy1325 says:

    im 12 and find this sooo fascinating

  14. Faith Osceola says:

    AWWW :,C I feel soo sorry for you *hugs you*

  15. Faith Osceola says:

    So awesome 0w0

  16. Flygonnpd says:

    @starsam4411 No he’s not bleeding he is using Hydro Pump.

  17. JeremyCosmoBaade says:

    Ethan that’s an excellent career path, read, read, read, gets tons on education. I know I hardly know you but I’m proud of you

  18. Lilkidz001 says:

    shut up thats so rude i bet ur not that skinny yourself

  19. dontalktomeee says:

    Why is the patient so fat

  20. Ethan Young says:

    I’m 13 and interested in neurosurgery. I find that interesting.

  21. Smartskillz7777 says:

    Im 14 and I want to be a cardiothoracic surgeon. It’s interesting what we (teenagers) regard as intteresting.

  22. Santhosh Bhukya says:


  23. robotronification says:

    Your comment about your sibling is not something I want to thumbs up

  24. Msbubblyify says:

    I want to be a cardiovascular surgeon.

  25. jjguitar22 says:

    Dr. Francis Wells… Dr… anyone that goes to school that long, earns the title. Dr.

  26. GAAXHINA4EVA says:

    i’ve had three of these…and i must say, amazing

  27. Evan Frederick says:


  28. Ethan F says:

    WHERE is the second part??? Where they “restart” the heart and close everything and it is officially over.

  29. prettyboyswag6217 says:

    Wrong. Surgeons do have the highest pay in the medical field but 200k is very low. That is how much a general physician makes. A cardiovascular surgeon makes around 500k.

  30. shivalingham pg says:

    This video is amazing

  31. Ethan Young says:

    I’m 13 and an aspiring surgeon. This video is amazing 🙂

  32. rabin budhathoki says:

    surgeons r not only cool they are mindblowing also

  33. ryuzaki484 says:

    it depends . . on how severe or hard the surgery is. . i think surgeons has the highest paid of all doctors in specialty . . maybe 200k will work.

  34. WhiteJappyKevin says:

    I had my open heart surgery a couple weeks ago..and I’m finally having the courage to see what actually took place haha I’m 15 and I’m prepared to be traumatized for life LOL

  35. Ashlyn2345ify says:

    A teacher at my school died from open heart surgery the 5th time he had the surgery

  36. DistillerMission says:

    I had open heart surgery as a boy at age 5 then again at age 6. I was born in 1970 with a large heart defect. Some kind of special plastic was inserted so my heart would grow into it and dissolved. I have a slight heart murmur still. Dr. Angel did the surgery in LA California. I wish I could thank him and let him know how thankful I am. I cant locate him?! I treasure every day I’m alive! I’ve started bicycle marathons a few years ago. My mother taught me the importance of good nutrition as a b

  37. 7227ratdog says:

    it kinda looks like they are building a robot with all of thoes tubes and wires in the person. hah but really  that was amazing and i learned sooo much from that ☺

  38. 1234poet says:

    0:14:37 “the usual things” that guys sounds so confident in in words and with ease… really cool

  39. unwrappedbox says:

    about 400-500k

  40. IncredableDrE says:

    I’m going into medical school to become a cardiac surgeon. Can’t wait till the semester starts XD

  41. lowestranked says:

    how much money does this guy make ?

  42. toxicfire4ever says:

    One day i cant wait to be a surgeon!The human body is a beauty.

  43. CP Chong says:

    i can’t believe that i can watch this video clip from the beginning to the end.

  44. themanwiththepan says:


    I guess you can say, he touched your heart today.

  45. George Alin says:

    I’m so amazed… I can’t wait to be a surgeon, it’s my dream. Good luck for all .

  46. Blepine96 says:

    The second they stopped the heart, even though I new it was coming was just amazing and one of the spectifying moments of my life

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