Coronavirus cases among lawmakers who sheltered in lockdown show one vaccine dose may not immediately protect against infection

Coronavirus vaccines take more than a week to protect against infection, experts said Health

Three reasons a negative coronavirus test doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not infected

Many people are getting tested for the coronavirus before they visit family and friends, but a negative result doesn’t guarantee that you’re not infected. Health

Biden team sees risks in Trump decision to widen vaccine pool

Immediately including anyone under 65 with a high-risk condition will increase strain on states and create unrealistic expectations, say advisers. Health

Coronavirus shutdowns have quashed nearly all other common viruses. But scientists say a rebound is coming.

‘I never would have expected to see flu activity this low,’ says CDC official. Health

Trump administration reverses stance, will no longer hold back second shots of coronavirus vaccine

The change comes several days after President-elect Joe Biden said he planned to release nearly all available doses to speed protection for Americans. Health

Disinfecting during pandemic puts asthmatics at risk

The study does not prove that increased frequency of disinfecting caused uncontrolled asthma. Still, the authors say, people with asthma need safer cleaning options. Health