CBS Special on Huntington’s Disease/Chris Furbee

CBS Special on Huntington’s Disease/Chris Furbee
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video of my bother (Daniel Mundy) and his battle with Huntington’s Disease
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. chris velasco says:

    Whats the name of this irish song.?

  2. Fuzz Butt says:

    I have been diagnosed this year with Huntington’s Disease..41 repeats CAG and no Corea signs yet, but lots of mental issues, and problems thinking, reasoning, and all of that crap? I cannot think what I need to do or how to get it done without help and support.

  3. thisiserdinc says:

    this is a perfect disease. i mean, the symptoms don’t occur until you are at least you are 40. evolutionary thinking, before you are already 40, it is very likely that you would have offspring.

  4. overboostn says:

    I lost my wife in Oct 2011 to Huntington’s @ age 35.
    F**K Huntington’s!!!!!!!!!

  5. ForbiddenFruitStore says:

    My hope is that everyone who rallies against stem cell research will be stricken with a disease like this one day. It’s the only way those heartless morons will ever truly understand the harm they’re doing.

  6. XoJackieLuvsRonniexo says:

    I see what you mean but honestly as someone whose grandmother and great aunt have it in the later stages (they are identical twins) I could never imagine doing that. However, I can understand those who do, especially Carol Carr

  7. UNDERGROUND2000 says:

    Just watched channel2 news in the bay area and they did an update on chris…he was playing guitar …and had a great outlook on life and planned on finishing the film

  8. AntonBatey says:

    This video shows why Dr. Kevorkian was a hero. 

  9. Alex Oerlemans says:

    Says the man whos whatching his chicken fight. looser get a life.

  10. Alex Oerlemans says:

    on wiki / huntingtin it says
    “The Huntington gene, also called HTT or HD (Huntington disease) gene, is the “.
    Differnt name same gene?
    Isnt it aggregated by time? and what environmental factor you mean?
    all i see is a timebomb tikking faster whit more repeats. How would you block all genes not respond to go to the next fase? (if thats what you mean in simple english) (im dutch and trying to understand).

  11. HugAlexMother says:

    I am doing a Masters in Neuroscience with a specialisation of Neurodegeneration. Huntingtin is a gene that encodes for a protein called Huntingtin as well, which when aggregates causes neurodegeneration. Check your facts by googling Huntingtin if you don’t believe me :)

  12. chadinterrupted says:

    I completely agree with this statement but you can’t blame somebody with hd for having a child when there’s a reason for it. Cause and effect. All actions have a cause, even the poor ones. A lot of people don’t even know they have hd before having kids and I’m sure there was a deep seeding reason for the ones that are aware. You can never judge somebody unless you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.

  13. selectednaturallyCA says:

    correction, 10-26 is the # of CAG repeats seen in non-Huntington’s persons (naturally some variation). When this grows too large = disease

  14. selectednaturallyCA says:

    Disease “penetrance” is the percentage of patients with the genetic predisposition who end up developing clinical symptoms.
    Huntington’s disease belongs to a family of dynamic mutations known as “Poly-glutamine expansions” diseases. The codon for glutamine (CAG) is erroneously added into the Huntington gene, which is what causes the disease. People with >40 CAG repeats have 100% penetrance. Between 10-26 is the grey zone, but usually has some clinical manifestations

  15. goodtimecharliez says:

    Nursing student, just saw patients with HD

  16. toomuchyonke says:

    do you have references to back this up HAM? I’m fairly certain I’ve never heard anything of the sort, but I hope to be proven wrong!

  17. HugAlexMother says:

    Even though you have the Htt (Huntingtin) gene, it does not necessarily mean that you will develop it. You still have a chance of the gene not being expressed due to environmental factors that change gene expression.

  18. Jennifer Walker says:

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  19. XXBUTCHERXx69 says:

    Donna don’t write shit like that

  20. donnahamm67 says:

    I hate the time when it is difficult knowing what to say
    I hate the test that told you yes and for me no way
    I hate the thing they call disease and even hate the day
    I should be glad but somehow mad I don’t know what to say
    I should be happy that i will not ever go this way
    i should be but I’m not because my sister will some day
    I love you Liz I wish I could take away your Huntington’s and your fear
    but all i can do is love you and be thankful your still here
    love Donna Hamm

  21. DragonDriver100 says:

    I believe Karma will be her undoing as well. Speaking about being undone by Karma for making fun of people with this disease, I wonder what will happen to those who tried to make a joke about Huntington’s on Youtube, where the guy acts like he has the disease, breaks up with his girlfriend to date a girl with the disease. It’s pretty warped. I asked them if they are trying to make people believe in hell by making something like that.

  22. toomuchyonke says:

    i’ve seen that too, it’s and older video. Karma came back around though and that woman got trolled to shit by everyone around her

  23. DragonDriver100 says:

    I just saw a video of a NINE year old who died of this disease. What was even more tragic, was that a neighbor TAUNTED her and her family before she died.

  24. CasualGarbage says:

    God I hate watching this stuff knowing my family’s got this

  25. coop1791 says:

    my mum has huntingtons, she is only in the early stages but some symptoms have started to show she is on trial medication to help suppress them I hope every night that they work and help her really live her life, and one day might help me and my two sisters if we have the gene

  26. FatBabiesWithAids says:

    @windmillsea113 my dad has hungingtons too..

  27. KeirGod says:

    My aunt has this disaese. I remember bursting into tears in my mom’s car when I found out. I will always love my aunt more than anything.

  28. Josh Rodgers says:

    My grand pop has the disease , my aunt (who had the development at an early age), my other aunt, and worse of all my mother. I am in college and I can’t sleep at night knowing my mom has no more than 15 years left and is deteriorating each day haunts me, and also knowing I have a 50% of inheriting it. My dad also left me when I was younger so my mom’s been trying her best to support me all my life. I support you 100% and know how it is, god bless those living in families with this disease

  29. LazyGermanKid says:

    Wish you the best Daniel, keep your spirits up, will keep you in my thoughts, thank you for sharing

  30. riKringkast says:

    And this is why we need to allocate a far bigger portion of the budget to science – both medical and otherwise.

  31. Angel Keppler says:

    i would just like to say tht this is amazing. my mom has it right now and she is in a rehabilitation center and really this is amazing

  32. Xylidic says:

    You are a wonderful man for taking care of your brother like this and I can’t even imagine what it must be like for the both of you and your family. My condolences for anyone suffering or who has family suffering. I’m only a high school student but we had a lesson and our teacher showed this video and it was so heartbreaking. I hope one day scientists can find a cure to help get rid of this horrible disease.

  33. Marie Hayes says:

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  34. Dayse Wagmaker says:

    Gostaria de informar que já fui portadora da doença, ela apareceu quando eu tinha 13 anos e hoje estou curada. Existe cura pra doença, tomei durante cinco anos de 15 em 15 dias a Bezentacil. Meu filho alguns meses atrás teve indicil da doença e também foi curado com o mesmo tratamento. Preciso passar essa informação, por que consta nos sites que não existe cura para tal. meu contato é . Por favor… estou aqui pra ajudar

  35. travisking1990 says:

    man. My grandma has this. My mom could get it. And so could I lol..

  36. zackboomer says:


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  38. black2009moon says:

    I see it every day

  39. Betty Clark says:

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  40. 817gail says:

    Oh I was just wondering because you believe in God’s healing. Has he healed anyone close to you and did you see it?

  41. black2009moon says:

    no i am muslim

  42. 817gail says:

    hey are you Christian?

  43. Leeszah says:

    You are an amazing brother to take care of him the way you do. This is truly a horrible disease. You will definitely be in my prayers.

  44. Jason Rutland says:

    Thanks, this helped alot, part of my Home Work is about this, I din’t know it was so bad. I’m sorry for your brother 🙁

  45. thenursewholovedyou says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  46. 2249293 says:

    Thank you very much for sharing. I’ll pray for you, and your daughter.

  47. black2009moon says:

    مرض غريب
    الله يشفي جميع الناس

  48. MrDGW1 says:

    Awesome video jmundy. Beautiful, I know that may seem ironic, but the love it what made it so and shines through.

  49. redrum616 says:

    I have Multiple Sclerosis and that can be a horror, and when I tell ppl I’ve got (if I do) they know what it is and think it’s such bad news. Though it can be it’s nothing compared to HD (for me anyway, other ppl with MS are worse off) AND when you tell ppl abt HD most of them have NO CLUE what it is which is so disappointing. I learnt about it in my psych degree but more ppl need education on this disease because it’s something that can be so tough to go thru in a family. Ppl need to know

  50. Samcaracha says:

    Is that the first diagnosis of HD in your family? Or could one have forseen that coming from your parents or grandparents? I am asking since I am studying for my med exam and books put emphasis on the family-history.

  51. Cherry Boom says:

    you might also not have it 🙂 And you are so young, Im positive when you are older the medicine will be very advanced, so dont worry and enjoy life! 🙂

  52. Cherry Boom says:

    Its proved that every one of us has mutations all over the DNA, as tiny as the HD one, but our mutations arent important or make a huge damage as the HD mutation does. So you are right, its almost unbelievable this little changes on some molecules cause all this pain.

  53. Cherry Boom says:

    I got my negative too, last year. But I cant celebrate, my sister got positive…..

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