Dilbert Cartoon 02X17 – Ethics – part 1/3

Try watching in High Quality 😉 Subscribe to get new vid notifications 😉 Thank you all for your good comments on all of my vids 🙂 The credit is always for the creator of the great show, Scott Adams! Dilbert Cartoon. Season 2 Episode 17 title “Ethics”. Part 1 Last episode of the series 🙁 Subscribe (if you like) to get notifications every time a new Video is posted 😉

This was a lecture given during a 2007 CFI conference “Secular Society and its Enemies.” Singer runs through various topics relating to Ethics and the talk wraps up with a few minutes of Q&A. For more information: www.centerforinquiry.net/nyc
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59 Responses to “Dilbert Cartoon 02X17 – Ethics – part 1/3”

  1. Kos107 says:

    Rule Number One Asok: When everyone leaves, you should too.

  2. NacodaLupine says:

    Youtube: Come for the videos, stay for the comments.


    This show became hilarious when I started working in Cubeville. So basically my life got shitter but this show got funnier. Same goes for the books

  4. foxh8er says:


  5. bisbeejim1 says:

    The show never seemed funny to me, then I took up engineering and then all of a sudden the nonsense made sense.

  6. insaninater says:

    3:52 cracked me up

  7. baka7dogo says:

    its frutarama

  8. JateGuitar says:

    shrek is dreck

  9. sophiemadi says:

    I hate this comic

  10. AdamMoss14 says:

    wwhy shrek is piss. why shrek is piss.

  11. death12510 says:

    oops i mean asok

  12. death12510 says:

    is ashuk indian
    haha i thought the episode was called ethnics

  13. kenonerboy says:

    lol your comment made me laught, ,maybe we humans should but the overall adult in brackets.

  14. cosmiccandy says:

    I just love the intro. Dilbert evolves while his coworker don’t – and Dogbert of course arrives already evolved – classic!

  15. TheMonkeybutler20 says:

    Well send me up to the wall and pull the trigger anyway

  16. Joyce Carter says:

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  17. IlliterateScrub says:


  18. Fapple says:

    Which came first, Ranch or Cool Ranch?

  19. Dylan Martin says:

    Scott Adams should be brutally murdered.

  20. Dylan Martin says:

    Dilbert sucks. Fans of Dilbert should be shot.

  21. IndyClipz says:

    I think you should kill yourself, Dilbert.

  22. flamebait07 says:

    Dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed

  23. electronicexposure says:

    “I’mhotforuwally?” “It’s Egyptian” “So what do you want to get from this class, Imhotforuwally?”
    “I already got it, thanks.”

  24. Apocalypse3001 says:

    “This wasn’t mentioned in my job description!” LOLZ

  25. Daracon1010 says:

    But you know what?… I WILL answer Christopher Hitchen’s question. And the answer is this…

    ALL moral statements and moral actions, ONLY IF Christianity is true. Because unless Christianity is true, then there is no such thing as right and wrong.

  26. Daracon1010 says:

    Christopher Hitchen’s question was irrelevant and ignorant. What he doesn’t realise is that unless God exists, morality doesn’t exist either. See the questions I asked first? Notice how you didn’t even attempt to answer them?… yeah, I thought so.

    Suffering is nothing more than a chemical reaction in the brain of a chemical accident under naturalism. That’s all emotions are, if you’re going to reduce the universe to time, matter and energy. You didn’t even answer the question following that.

  27. Daracon1010 says:

    Did you read what I actually wrote? How is humanism rational and consistent? It’s all about humans being important in a random-chance universe by which humans evolved from slime, and are ultimately nothing more than animals with no inherent value. Nice rational basis humanists have. “Even though we’re just chemical accidents, we’re important because I say we’re important”.

  28. NotACapitalist says:

    Morality and ethics: the glue of lies which holds the thin veneer of civilization in an attempt to disguise the most brutal of animals, homo sapiens.

  29. Brenda Wilson says:

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  32. Kamizushi Akinari says:

    Most people feel something called empathy which makes them to share other’s suffering and creates an urge to help others. If you do no feel empathy, if the only thing keeping you from running around ruining people’s life is the fear of hell then that would make you, by definition, a psychopath, in which case I’m quite happy that your fear of an imaginary celestial god keeps you in line and…. errh.. what I really mean is stop watching atheist videos or you will go to hell and stuff.

  33. rock90123 says:

    lolz u mad bro?

  34. Paulo Andre Azevedo Quirino says:

    Well yeah if that guy thinks psychological harm is useful but causes other people to be unhappy, in order for him to be happy, he seems like, commonly unhappy. Well he might rejoice in what he thinks is this vampirism that he never really got.

  35. Craig806 says:

    He is absolutely right religious people are nuts for believing in sanctity of life.

  36. synergyzer07 says:

    And even if atheists were in a greater number, would could possibly think that you would have the right to revoke the Freedom of Religion existent in the constitution of every decent country? What you atheists would intend to create in case you outnumbered us? An philosophical APARTHEID separting atheists from the deludedly allegedly inferior theists? WAKE UP! Watch William Lane Craig’s videos about the ridiculous objections to the Kalam Cosmological Argument and learn something!

  37. synergyzer07 says:

    An attempt to make atheists think about ethics is something merely curious to see if
    a Christian thinks of a circle of atheists talking about the subject of ethics. But once
    there are that writings behind him saying ‘Secular Society and its enemies’, thing
    become really funny. What is Secular Society, an NGO? “VESTIGES OF
    RELIGIOUS BELIEF”?! Hahahaha!!! Hey, Christians OUTNUMBER
    atheists! Almost by DOUBLE! Don’t be ridiculous!

  38. synergyzer07 says:

    There is no dictator, God respects freewill, even the freewill of evil doers. We suffer so that we realise not only that evil is evil, but also to realise that evil must be fought against. Religion didn’t create goodness. Goodness is eternal, because it is the essence of God. I’m not terrified at anything. Neither do I say that you are an inmoral person for being an atheist. But whether a person will be moral or immoral without faith is random, whereas most of sincere theists focus on morality.

  39. MisterAdamWayne says:

    In summary, on the basis of popular referendum, Oregon ought to enjoy the moral autonomy to establish physician assisted suicide by law, whereas, on the basis of popular referendum, California ought not enjoy the moral autonomy to disestablish homosexual marriage by law. Thus, this loose alliance of anti-Christian moralists (self-proclaimed “secularists”) oscillates on the legitimacy of democratic government according to their goals… like everyone else. His authoritative tone means nothing.

  40. shanio18 says:

    Utilitarianism’s goal is to maximize total happiness. If one can save five people by torturing another person, then under utilitarianism he ought to. Therefore, psychological harm (to the tortured person) is irrelevant.

  41. CoolThisIsMyUsername says:

    yours is a typical antireligious response: riddled with presuppositions, and tinged with bitter emotion. assuming you’ve at least tried to learn the theology you’re so quick to dismiss, you might try and use some of that knowledge in argument. you say “celestial dictator in the sky,” and to match that tone of voice one that’s ignorant of science might respond, “i’m no gorilla”: both statements are equally uninformed and equally dumb.

  42. paularenas26 says:

    Put an end to all of the guilt that you hold inside. Start life over with the slate wiped clean.

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  43. paularenas26 says:

    You should repent. Moreover, you should ask God for eternal forgiveness through applying the death and resurrection of Jesus to your life of sin within the quietness of your bedroom tonight. As an unrepentant sinner myself, I made this decision around 15 years ago. This is the most important decision that you could ever make.
    – Romans 10:9-10

  44. empreme says:

    You would be right if espoused the same set of ethics as Singer, but I do not. So your objection doesn’t work.

    I know you were probably dying to use that phrase somewhere. Perhaps it will be warranted next time.

  45. tdevry says:

    I am a Christian and vegetarian and do agree with Singer on almost all issues. I do find that speaking to my fellow church goers is mostly a waste of time as the nonsense that animals are for our use is so deeply engrained. I try in my small way to influence them but ….

  46. babakalabash says:

    The snake was a mistake!

  47. ExSaint1379 says:

    Oh, sorry should’ve been clear. The snake was by my definition of moral doing a good thing by causing Adam and more importantly Eve to eat the fruit. Neither Adam nor Eve could have been moral or immoral because they didn’t understand the difference between right and wrong. I’m saying the snake was a good guy.

  48. Rucifel17 says:

    just so you know, following your logic, nothing adam wouldve done wouldve been moral or amoral, because like you say he wouldnt have had the knowledge of the difference

  49. ExSaint1379 says:

    You realize how little sense that makes? You think you do bad things, because your ancestor ate a fruit from a tree which let him know the difference between good and evil? See you and I must have such different views of evil that it is very difficult to speak in terms of morality. I believe morality requires knowledge, so Adam could not have acted morally until he knew the difference between what is right or wrong. Therefore eating the fruit was moral.

  50. 190xtdiesel says:

    yes it is in my best intrest not to murder someone but because of the original sin of Adam passed on to the whole human race that doesnt work. just because i set an example doesnt mean people will follow. peoples heart are evil because of sin and thus will do bad things. the Bible lays down absolutes that we are to follow as Christians to live with each other so we get along. do not steal, murder, covet , lie and i am sure you know all of them. left to ourselves we fall short.

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