do anesthesiologists pay medical malpractice insurance?

Question by kelly09620: do anesthesiologists pay medical malpractice insurance?
If i become an antesthesiologts (in newyork if that makes a difference) and I work in a Public hospital, do I pay for medical malpractice insurance or is that covered by the hospital. Thank you for your answers.

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  1. deep5223 says:

    You pay your own.

  2. rmm352 says:

    You pay your own, and it is pretty high for anesthesiologists from what I hear. However, since you’re making six-figures several times over a year, you could probably afford it.

  3. butterflykisses427 says:

    Actually you pay it. My mom’s a nurse and she has to pay for her own malpractice insurance.

  4. mbrcatz17 says:

    If you’re an employee of the hospital, they usually pick up the cost. If you are NOT a hospital employee, but work with a practice that has hospital priveleges, the practice usually picks up the costs. If you are a subcontractor who has hospital priveleges, YOU pick up the costs.

  5. shadow_runnr says:

    You always have the option of having your own medmal insurance coverage, even if your practice or employer covers you as well.

  6. zippythejessi says:

    They MUST carry malpractice insurance… As far as who pays – that’s handled individually. If you’re employed by the hospital itself or if you’re part of an outside practice that has priviledges at the hospital – that makes a difference, as does the individual hospital.

    Good luck!