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About 225,000 people die from medical malpractice every year.

About 30,000 people die from guns every year.

This means that there are more murderers with prescription pads, than with guns… Or, if you can write prescriptions, you are more likely to kill someone than if you have a gun…

The clinicians/practitioners at the above mentioned clinics are contributing very heavily to that number, however, with their falsification of medical records, that 225,000 estimate is probably much, much more so in this area…

University of Missouri & Family Health Center physicians/practitioners are causing mass genocide with their pill pushing for financial kickbacks…

Neurontin/gabapentin, Depakote, various S.S.R.I.’s, yet they refuse to refer me to the proper specialists that would have gotten me back to work over 2 months ago.

I studied modern dance for years. When the instructor was off working with a student, individually, we were in the corner trying to dance like Michael Jackson. He had just performed at the Apollo Theater. Those lessons are probably the only reason why I am able to walk after all the damage from shattering my legs while on a deadly medication called Neurontin. It’s now known as gabapentin. I was one of the many patient victims of The University of Missouri’s criminal malpractices, and pill pushing of Neurontin, for kickbacks and gifts… That was 1998-2001.

They are still doing this. Forcing patients, via court orders obtained via criminally falsified medical records, to take gabapentin for PAIN. Even though the patients complain of suicidal thoughts, and have attempted suicide on the medication. I know 12 (twelve) people, from this area, who were pushed to take this drug, made by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals for use as a PAIN medication.

Only 3 (three) of us are still alive.

Their deaths were not listed as suicides. They seldom do list them as suicides, here, so families can’t get double the life insurance payment for Accidental Death & Indemnity. Here, if you commit suicide it is automatically considered an ‘accident’ because, as former Probate Judge Gary L. Busker once said, "If you are Suicidal, then you must be insane, therefore your death is an accident…"

So it’s listed a s a ‘Suspicious Death’.

Independent studies show that the drug is pretty much ineffective for the management of pain. Now they’re pushing it for autism…

These are the shoes that I have to wear to be able to walk almost as good as I did before I was treated at the University of Missouri’s Green Meadows clinics with Neurontin so they could enjoy Pfizer pharmaceuticals financial kickbacks, and gifts. Now, the drug caused suicide, and suicidal tendencies. The drug company, and doctors, failed to warn patients, even if they had a history of depression, and suicide attempts because, well, who cares if they died of suicide because of our drug. They were depressed anyway, and we made BILLIONS of $ $ $ off of torturing them for our profits. They actually conveyed this message. the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. George W. Bush climbed into bed with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals to get elected, twice. Upon his first election, bush appointed Pfizer’s C.E.O. as the director of the F.D.A.

This was NOT within his protocol as a U.S. President. The F.D.A. Director is to be elected by a board of M.D.’s…

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