View more videos at: HSC 028 – Narcolepsy is a chronic neurological disorder caused by the brains inability to regulate the correct times for sleeping and the correct times to be awake. At various moments throughout the day, people with narcolepsy experience sudden urges to sleep. If the urge becomes overwhelming, they may do so for periods lasting from a few seconds to several minutes. The condition is profoundly disabling, interrupting lifes basic day to day activities, including working, driving, even conversing with others. Narcolepsy affects about 1 in every 2000 Americans.
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the title explains it all. Adam and Becca are now married. You can see more of them in the response video. This video is set to air on a special program on the discovery channel on Wednesday, March 31 at 10 pm Pacific time. For all you doubters out there, this documentary will set the record straight. This video is real.
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57 Responses to “Narcolepsy”

  1. TheMatias2 says:

    How does it work???

  2. Angela Reed says:

    I have narcolepsy and have since preteens but was diagnosed at 24or 25. I can get depressed also which stems from lack of sleep. I have restless leg syndrome which is related. Any symptom they say narcolepsy causes; I got it. Hallucinations at night, cataplexy, sleepiness, sleep paralysis, insomnia, vivid dreaming, sleep talking, obesity, microsleeps and many others.

  3. SuperLadyt3 says:

    Me and my mother have have it!! She collects disability but I do home health aid work and its terrible plus I snore very loud, its a nightmare, I’m going to have to quite my job before I get fired

  4. xoheartsongxo says:

    that might be insomnia, there are so many sleep disorders. you should try to arrange a sleep study with your primary care

  5. Omar Martinez says:

    Not really .i guess it all depends on what state you live in, age, severity, car and health insurance, and driving history.

    I’m 18 and have had narcolepsy since I was 16. I was diagnosed at about late 17.

    My mom works for the state so I get really good insurance. I’ve had 1 car accident from street racing. But i fixed the car myself and never reported it.
    My health and car insurance knows about what my pulmonary specialist calls a “Prime example” of narcolepsy according to my sleep study stats

  6. jcaled24 says:

    Your drivers license is yanked when you are diagnosed with narcolepsy right?..

  7. Hypnotoad206 says:

    Swine flu shot causes tons of crap. Doctors didn’t test it long enough and rushed production. That’s why it wasn’t a required vaccination.

  8. massiveattack786 says:

    n my family and friends think im a lazy person !! ive been suffering from this for so many years now n i have all the symptoms of narcolepsy..even if i try not to sleep for a day so i can hav a normal sleeping pattern the following night, ill still end up waking up several times during the night n again sleep all day !! i hate my life !!

  9. OneJovialSim says:

    actually yes…the swine flu vaccination did cause narcolepsy in hundreds of children. Look up Pandemrix and see for yourself.

  10. famousforstardbungen says:

    An immunization caused narcolepsy? Did you read the research for that claim? Was it confirmed in a study? Was the study controlled and done on at least 2,000 people? No, immunizations do not cause narcolepsy. Most immunization claims are hearsay by scam artists and frauds. The paper linking autism to MMR vaccine was confirmed a fraud. Look up the name Andrew Wakefield and read for yourself. There never was a link. This was confirmed by hundreds of studies done world wide.

  11. barbara4221 says:

    My grandaughter developed narcolepsy after she had the “swine flu” jab. It has taken the doctors over two years to diagnose it even though my daughter constantly said to everyone that she was sure that’s what it was. I think that because she said the immunisation caused it they tried to hush it up. My daughter really had to fight to get the right diagnoses

  12. aceshigh8881 says:

    HELLO….did you’re symptoms first begin shortly after you got an immunization or vaccination shot? Please let me know. Thanks.

  13. TheSammysox says:

    Good Video, maybe I fell asleep during but what about sleep paralysis and night terrors, Thats what annoys me most with my narcolepsy. If my arms gets muscle fatigue during the day I know Im going to have a night of night terrors and paralysis.

  14. matheuswoww says:

    So the alarm activates it when you close your eyes ? 

  15. zizwop says:

    This is a good explanation and example of typical narcoleptics. I have narcolepsy and experience all the things they talk about. Thanks for posting this 🙂

  16. kartherton says:

    Narcolepsy is not to bad to cope with, as you learn in time, but Cataplexy is a lot harder to cope with, in day to day life.
    Had both the above for 20 years.

  17. klayton369 says:

    I have narcolepsy too and am interested in what you are doing to control your symptoms. Any information would be very helpful. Thank you.

  18. klayton369 says:

    I have narcolepsy too and am interested in what you are doing to control your symptoms. Any information would be very helpful. Thank you.

  19. klayton369 says:

    I have have narcolepsy two. I would really like to know what you are using and are there any side affects. I would really like to get off the amphet. thanks.

  20. Vivek Bhatia says:

    I nearly fell asleep behind the wheel the other day but i had my anti sleep alarm on and it sounded so i pulled over and had a break. They are not that expensive and i got mine from NO NAP

  21. Vivek Bhatia says:

    I nearly fell asleep behind the wheel the other day but i had my anti sleep alarm on and it sounded so i pulled over and had a break. They are not that expensive and i got mine from NO NAP

  22. saimali0 says:

    Yes, very cool!

  23. narcoleptus says:

    Very good!

  24. RoadRageFTW says:

    bunch of fucking whiners in the comments.

  25. McT1ties says:

    Quit whining clearly he’s not the worlds worst husband and mocking her because she has a problem. Nothin wrong with screwin with people. If this was a person making his wife do some prank yall would be laughing ur asses off

  26. allkindofsweet says:

    i am also suffer from narcolepsy and i find this vide offenssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  27. Elara Josephine Blair says:

    ya someone that would do that to someone they love for humour, as a joke, or for a video is pretty ridiculous.

  28. Elara Josephine Blair says:

    you guys are fucking aweful.
    ive never heard of narcolepsy passouts from being scared or excited, but for someone to do that for joy or humour is ridiculous.

    I suffer from narcolepsy and it isnt funny, and how do you think you would feel if you couldnt control your own body, its a fight everyday.

  29. notjustin says:

    what is he supposed to do? not fuck with her? forever? the family that exploits eachother’s physical handicaps together stays together.
    if i had a handicap like retrograde amnesia i would expect my girlfriend to say “you forgot my birthday you bastard!….JK”. i’d be mad if she didnt mess with me a little

  30. mrbrethmint says:

    Bull crap

  31. Jarkgosu says:

    Life would be hellish for Travis Pastrana if he had narcolepsy.

  32. 2high2p says:

    Funny shit

  33. scottyray12 says:

    This is an abusive relationship and she is nothing more than amusment to him. I will also bet they are LDS. This married her because he wanted have sex. Not love. My opinion

  34. ThePopimpin16 says:

    This is suppose to be you future wife and you are trying to kill her , what if she had a heart attack. How would you feel about that some people need to think before they do things like you loser

  35. yinyangnick says:

    @JabberCT what the fuck is the problem exactly? If somebody has a heart condition then i’d see your point, but just because it is a medical condition it shouldn’t be done at all? She is on a soft surface, and narcolepsy is not dangerous in any way other than if the person passes out and hits their head. God knows how you managed to get one of the top comments, you’re ignorant.

  36. cullensister99 says:


  37. Landon Miller says:

    it’s.. it’s perfect. big fight brews, just scare the piss out of her and boom endo discusso.

  38. clubntho says:

    y was she laughing while sleeping…. fakker

  39. BoboLaTuque says:

    Jerkwad or Douchebag? YOU decide!

  40. Ryan Anglin says:

    This is my wife exactly.

  41. 1208FrontDoor says:

    It seems the wife didnt have a choice… he approached her with the camera..

  42. lowes2522 says:


  43. Trebgah says:

    If I had narcolepsy I would so let people do that. I try to have a sense of humor about everything. Hell, I called myself “Wilford Brimley” and lectured everybody about “diabeeuts” for about a month when I was almost positive I had diabetes. It’s not a big deal, I don’t think.

  44. NightOfTheLiving8bit says:

    P.S. It also looks wicked fake because she is almost still laughing when she “passes” out.

  45. NightOfTheLiving8bit says:

    She looks like she is friggin 16

  46. killersammy1 says:

    I have narcolepsy too. It usually strikes when I’m typing someth…

  47. mrtorino351 says:

    Oh yeah…sex would be awesome

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