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CDC: With vaccination, no need to quarantine

The recommendation is similar to what the agency has said about people who developed immunity after being infected with covid-19. Health

Scientists extract from Siberian mammoth molars the oldest DNA ever recovered

The prehistoric remains were discovered starting in the 1970s, but new scientific methods were needed to extract the DNA, experts say. Health

False claims tying coronavirus vaccines to infertility drive doubts among women of childbearing age

Health officials worry their hesitation may affect efforts to reach immunization targets. Health

The Big Number: For older adults, taking aspirin regularly may reduce chances of colorectal cancer by 20 percent

But this applies only to those who have regularly used the pain reliever for five or more years before turning 70, researchers say. Health

When will we return to normal? The question looms as Fauci says mask-wearing may continue in 2022.

Fauci predicted the country would be “approaching a degree of normality” by the end of the year, but says face coverings may still be necessary. Health

In one Florida community, enrolling people for coronavirus vaccines, one conversation at a time

Those conversations are especially crucial in communities of color, where the virus has carved a vast path of destruction during the past year. Health

Group exercise may be even better for you than solo workouts. Here’s why.

During the pandemic, you can join online classes to get the motivation you may need. Health

A new mom, she expected breastfeeding to be a sweet experience. Yet every time she nursed, she was hit with sudden terror or sadness.

A poorly understood and uncommon condition, D-MER causes intense and upsetting “attacks” while nursing, pumping or leaking milk. It can last until a baby is weaned. Health
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