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For months, he helped his son keep suicidal thoughts at bay. Then came the pandemic.

Depression and anxiety in America have become rampant. One in 4 young adults have struggled with suicidal thoughts since the coronavirus hit, CDC says. Health

For those with prediabetes, dropping four to six pounds can cut the risk of getting diabetes

In a study of 1,028 people, researchers found that weight loss and greater physical activity helped in avoiding this disease. Health

Smallest health providers face biggest problem finding protective gear amid coronavirus surge

The scrounging and adapting to scarcity attest to a two-tier reality that has emerged in health-care workers’ ability to obtain the personal items they need to stay safe. Health

Health experts urge against Thanksgiving gatherings as coronavirus cases explode nationwide

Anthony S. Fauci, the nation’s top infectious-disease expert, called on individuals to heed public health measures until vaccines are approved. Health

Preserving cultural and historic treasures in a changing climate may mean transforming them

My research as a social scientist calls for a more proactive approach, including preemptive efforts to prevent damage. Health

More burn injuries are occurring in kitchens during pandemic. Thanksgiving may see a rise in these accidents.

The number of incidents has been climbing with colder weather and the approach of the holiday, traditionally the worst day of the year for kitchen fires. Health

As U.S. coronavirus cases soar toward 200,000 a day, holiday travel is surging

A fall wave of the virus ushered in by colder weather is only worsening, outpacing expansions in testing and making new nationwide records routine. Health

Experimental drug given to Trump to treat covid-19 wins FDA clearance

But Regeneron’s antibody treatment is expected to be in short supply. Health
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