Who benefits from insurance: patients, physician, or insurance company?

Question by -jAiVe-: Who benefits from insurance: patients, physician, or insurance company?
and why? this is all about insurance contracts and managed care

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Answer by mturnmm
I’ll see if I can answer this breifly……….basically Dr.’s can charge whatever they want for any service……..without insurance there is no one that is going to mange the market……..insurance companies help keep the cost of healthcare down by controling how much a Dr. can charge for any paticular service. A gallon of milk is controlled by how much it cost to produce it and get it to the consumer. In healthcare there are so many intangilbles a price cannot be put on how much any particular service should cost. I hope this help.

To answer your question really everyone benefits.

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2 Responses to “Who benefits from insurance: patients, physician, or insurance company?”

  1. regerugged says:

    All three. Patients because insurance pays most of the bill. Doctors because they don’t have to rely on patients to get their bill paid. Insurance companies because they profit from the sale of insurance.

    Because of insurance patients are more likely to see doctors when they are sick. Doctors will do everything necessary to treat a patient, rather than scaling back on services out of fear they won’t get paid. Insurance companies base their premiums on claims paid, so the more they pay out, the more they charge and the more they earn profits.

  2. scfd524 says:

    Everyone, the insurance companies benefit because there are more people, like myself, who pay for their insurance every month but only have to use is a couple times a year. The physicians benefit because they always get money instead of people racking up big bills they can’t pay for. and we benefit because let’s face it a 20 or 30 dollar co-pay at the Dr’s office is a lot better than 100+ for just an office visit! Same with paying for hospital time and other procedures.