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Trump administration vows in new report to distribute 100 million swabs to states by year’s end

National testing strategy does not move beyond the administration’s stance that states bear the primary responsibility for identifying covid-19 cases. Health

Calories burned in boring household chores can help fight stay-at-home weight gain

Vacuuming burns 155 calories an hour. Gardening, dusting, even doing laundry can make a difference. You don’t need traditional exercise to burn calories. Health

Retired pediatrician belted out songs to staff and patients


Covid-19 has destroyed your libido? You’re not alone.

A pandemic isn’t sexy. Health

Exercising with MS should be tailored to each patient

While those with mild impairment may be able to run or lift weights, those who cannot get out of bed can still benefit from things like muscle stimulation and breathing exercises, a panel says. Health

Coronavirus patients turn to social media group for answers, support

Sick at home, people are together puzzling through their confounding and variable illness, and crowdsourcing their treatment and decision-making. Health

Loneliness was a common concern he heard from people of all ages. It inspired his book.

Former U.S. surgeon general Vivek H. Murthy said the goal of writing the book was to draw attention to the changing priorities of society. Health

This family’s repeated strep throat infections frustrated their doctors

Multiple rounds of antibiotics and other measures didn’t eradicate the unexpected source. Health
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