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You’re under a stay-at-home order? Here’s what that means in your state.

State by state breakdown of stay-at-home orders, their rules and when they might end. Health

High blood pressure affects 108 million American adults, CDC says

Also called hypertension, the long-term medical condition can be treated with medication and healthier lifestyle changes. Health

Taking your temperature doesn’t require a fancy thermometer

Experts explain the pluses and minuses of digital, ear, rectal and other thermometers. Health

How a silent mediation retreat helped prepare me for this.

While self-quarantining I’m connecting outwardly with loved ones as well as inwardly with myself. It helps. Health

Love and medicine in the time of covid-19

These married doctors, living separately while training, struggle with caring for patients, staying connected with each others and facing the uncertainties of the outbreak. Health

Is social isolation getting to you? Here’s how to know — and what experts say to do.

Many will continue to be home alone for some time. Here’s how you can check on your own mental health, according to experts. Health

All across the United States, the coronavirus is killing more men than women, data show

U.S. state data are starting to show a picture that matches one of the most mysterious global trends. Men are dying more than women. Health

How a student with his 800-pound iron lung pioneered disability rights, changed U.S. law

Beginning in his teens, Ed Roberts insisted on living as normal a life as he could. He also helped others with disabilities to live better lives too. Health
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