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Covid-19 surges back into nursing homes in coronavirus hot spots

Widespread community transmission raises the risk for long-term care facilities; the virus often finds its way in. Health

Face masks with valves or vents do not prevent spread of the coronavirus, CDC says

“Masks with one-way valves or vents allow air to be exhaled through a hole in the material, which can result in expelled respiratory droplets that can reach others,” the CDC says. Health

Covid-19 death toll rivals fatality rate during 1918 flu epidemic, researchers say

‘Excess death’ rate for the current outbreak in New York City has quadrupled, according to a new analysis Health

These are the top coronavirus vaccines to watch

We are tracking 200 experimental vaccines aimed at ending the pandemic, a scientific quest moving at record-breaking speed. Health

Targeted treatments are helping reduce death rates for the most common type of lung cancer, study finds

Mortality rates for the most common type of lung cancer — non-small cell lung caner — have fallen significantly in recent years as a result of new treatments, according to a study by the National Cancer Institute. Health

Azar criticizes China’s response to coronavirus during Taiwan visit

Azar, the highest-level U.S. official to visit Taiwan in four decades, said the island exemplified that “open, democratic societies” were best equipped to respond to outbreaks such as covid-19. Health

South Dakota health officials watch for the coronavirus as motorcyclists descend

Emergency workers were tested before the Sturgis rally and will undergo more tests once the bikers leave town. Health

Meet the most important federal official you probably don’t know — the man who holds the fate of the coronavirus vaccine in his hands

‘I wouldn’t want to be in his position,’ says a former colleague of the FDA scientist. Health
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