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Hospitals in nearly every region report a flood of covid-19 patients

41 states and Puerto Rico now have more hospitalizations than at the end of September. Health

As the coronavirus surges, it is reaching into the nation’s last untouched areas

Months after it raced in successive waves along the nation’s coasts and through the Sun Belt, the virus is reaching deep into its final frontier — the nation’s most sparsely-populated states and counties. Health

NSAIDs should be avoided after 20th week of pregnancy, FDA warns

The nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs could cause rare but serious kidney problems for the fetus, according to the agency. Health

As holidays near, the coronavirus is spreading rapidly, putting families in a quandary about celebrations and travel

Americans face agonizing decisions on gatherings as experts warn of risks from indoor events. Health

Experts offer tips for navigating the holidays during the pandemic

Smaller, shorter gatherings are safer, but also consider waiting until next year Health

With long-haul covid-19, important advice for patients, doctors and researchers

It’s a poorly understood chronic illness and those affected need to hone their navigational skills. The medical profession needs to listen, too. Health

Home tests could help in the fight against the coronavirus. So where are they?

Companies racing to bring the tests to the wider U.S. market must make them more accurate and easier to use before they can meet federal guidelines that would allow sales directly to consumers. Health

Stomach pain was ruining her life. Then a scan provided a life-changing clue.

Her unusual diagnosis was followed by a long and rocky quest for effective treatment. Health
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