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Five things worth knowing about empathy

It is a skill that can be learned and enhanced. But it has its limits, and it can even promote conflict. Here’s what some experts say about how it works. Health

Stress caused by today’s crises can actually damage your health. A doctor has some suggestions

Most of us need more than one way to discharge adrenaline and turn off the cortisol spigot, an internist says. Health

Tipsters, tech-savvy kids, pharmacy hopping: How Americans are landing coronavirus vaccines

People are spending hours refreshing websites and creating tiny intelligence networks to try to get vaccinated. ‘It feels like I’m trying to get a Beyoncé ticket,’ one woman said. Health

Pandemic stokes rising worries about violence and fuels gun ownership, new study finds

Researchers surveyed more than 3,000 people in California about racism, fear, disorder and firearms. Health

CDC warns highly transmissible coronavirus variant to become dominant in U.S.

Agency data predicts U.K. variant will spread rapidly, intensifying urgency of vaccinations Health

Biden chooses former FDA commissioner Kessler to head nation’s vaccine effort

The appointment of David Kessler comes as Biden has begun spelling out plans to speed up the Trump administration’s sluggish effort on vaccinations. Health

Vaccine reserve was already exhausted when Trump administration vowed to release it, dashing hopes of expanded access

States were anticipating a windfall after federal officials said they would stop holding back second doses. But the policy had already changed, and no stockpile exists. Health

Biden to ask for $400 billion to bolster fight against covid-19

The funding would create a national vaccination program, expand testing, hire public health workers and help detect new virus strains. Health
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