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Anxious and depressed as a scary disease destroyed her lungs, she turned to ecstasy for relief. Here’s what happened.

MDMA-guided psychotherapy is being tested for people with PTSD. After two “trips” with the psychotropic drug, she saw the promise. Health

Stents and bypass surgery are no more effective than drugs for stable heart disease, highly anticipated trial results show

Long-awaited study results may finally settle the question of when to use stents and bypass surgery in patients with stable heart disease, showing that drugs work equally as well in preventing heart attacks, strokes and heart-related death. Health

My elderly mom was treated in the ER, recovered and came home. Then the surprise medical bills started coming in.

My attempt to resolve a charge from one of the many health professionals who tended her turned into a frustrating journey through our nation’s health insurance bureaucracy. Health

When undergoing chemo or radiation, cancer patients need to avoid diseases. CDC provides vital tips.

Agency’s website features educational materials about viruses, bugs and neutropenia for patients, caregivers and health-care providers. Health

Oklahoma judge lowers Johnson & Johnson payment in opioid verdict

Correcting a math error he made, Judge Thad Balkman said the giant health care company must pay the state $ 465 million, not $ 572 million. Health

New Trump rule to make more health care rates public

The hospital industry has vowed to sue to stop it from taking effect. Health

Majority of anti-vaccine ads on Facebook were funded by two groups

A group headed by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and a California-based organization bought 54 percent of the anti-vaccine ads on Facebook. Researchers said the study shows how a small group of anti-vaccine ad buyers successfully used the social media platform to reach targeted audiences. Health

No morning sickness, no bump: A model says she didn’t know she was pregnant until giving birth

Erin Langmaid says her daughter was born just 10 minutes after she unexpectedly went into labor. Health
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  • Chuck P: About $ 100k per year depending on the practice....
  • 0mn1tr0n: depending on the specialty. it ranges from ~15k-200k. somet...
  • Cliffy P: VERY expensive, in some cases hundreds of thousands of dolla...
  • zippythejessi: They MUST carry malpractice insurance... As far as who pays ...
  • shadow_runnr: You always have the option of having your own medmal insuran...