Indiana backs away from Medicaid work requirements

Citing litigation, the Hoosier state becomes the second to retreat from the model touted by the Trump administration. Health

Measles makes your body forget how to fight other diseases

The measles virus is more harmful than scientists previously realized, making widespread vaccination even more important, researchers and doctors said. Health

Long-awaited cystic fibrosis drug could turn deadly disease into a manageable condition

Thirty years after scientists discovered the defective gene that causes cystic fibrosis, two new trials show a therapy could help 90 percent of patients. The FDA approved the triple drug, Trikafta, five months ahead of its deadline. Health

Missouri tracked Planned Parenthood patients’ periods in spreadsheet, top health official says

The state’s health director, who is also an OB/GYN, said the aim was to identify failed abortions. Health

How much money will it take to undo the damage from opioids?

The best-case scenario for areas grappling with this disaster could be a sweeping settlement among all the parties. But such a deal is unlikely in the near term, according to interviews with attorneys in the case and a survey of attorneys general nationwide. Health