U.S. reports first person-to-person transmission of new coronavirus

A patient in the Chicago area, the sixth in the United States, is the spouse of woman infected when she traveled to Wuhan, China. Health

Trump administration’s Medicaid block-grants option touches off ideological fight

Sidestepping polarizing vocabulary, top Medicaid official unveils “Healthy Adult Opportunity” Health

Coronavirus vaccine research is moving at record speed

Companies and governments are working fast to develop a coronavirus vaccine. But science won’t be fast enough to stem the outbreak in China anytime soon. Health

New FDA chief vows tougher action on youth vaping if needed

As the Trump administration’s partial ban on e-cigarette products approaches, the new FDA commissioner said he would take tougher steps to reduce teen vaping if necessary. Health

Live updates: China coronavirus cases growing by more than 1,000 day, countries scramble to evacuate citizens

The number of cases surpasses 7,000 and deaths rise to 170 in China. Health