Gig workers face the spread of the new coronavirus with no safety net

Drivers for Uber and Lyft and delivery people for Instacart and DoorDash are independent contractors and don’t get sick leave or healthcare benefits. Health

Trump misidentifies first coronavirus victim in U.S. as a woman

Death reported Saturday in Seattle area. New travel restrictions on Iran, South Korea and Italy imposed. Health

New FDA policy will expand coronavirus testing

FDA allows certified hospital labs to create and use their own coronavirus covid-19 tests. Health

Hormone therapy, long shunned for a possible breast cancer link, is now seen as safe — and helpful — as a short-term treatment for most women in the throes of menopause.

Researchers say fear using hormone for hot flashes, mental fogginess and libido problems was a misreading of a landmark 2002 study Health

Science historian examines how an anti-overdose medication helped revolutionize America’s view of drug addiction

Nancy D. Campbell’s book looks at the influence of naloxone over the nation’s attitude about the prevention of ODs and drug users. Health