As White House’s social distancing guidelines expire, health experts worry about public complacency

Health officials worry that some governors may relax the measures prematurely and the public will become complacent even as an estimated 20,000 new cases of the disease caused by coronavirus are reported daily. Health

People are hoarding a heartburn drug before scientists have determined whether it can fight coronavirus

Walgreens and CVS confirmed that they are experiencing shortages. Health

Scientists are trying to save Minnesota?s North Woods forest from climate change

Climate change is already causing ?zombie forests? where trees can?t regenerate Health

U.S. reports 66,000 more deaths than expected so far this year

The CDC tally, almost certainly a substantial undercount, shows the devastation caused by covid-19 as well as a sharp increase in other causes of mortality. Health

Studies leave question of ‘airborne’ coronavirus transmission unanswered

The consensus so far is that the coronavirus, although very contagious, spreads through respiratory droplets generated when people breathe, speak or cough, and doesn’t infect people through particles that can linger in the air for hours. Health