Report: Coronavirus infected scores of children and staff at Georgia sleep-away camp

The finding that ‘children might play an important role in transmissions’ is likely to fuel concerns about school reopenings. Health

European drugmakers Sanofi and GSK strike $2.1B deal with U.S. for a coronavirus vaccine

The contract is the largest yet from the U.S. government. Health

Trump urges people who have recovered from covid-19 to donate blood plasma

Blood plasma from people who have successfully recovered from coronavirus infection has been widely used in the United States, even though researchers are still gathering evidence to definitively show it works. Health

Trump brags about his cognitive test. But for those with dementia, it’s devastating.

For many Americans, the test the president keeps trumpeting is one of the most fraught, traumatic turning points in their lives — that moment when they realize their mind is beginning to fail and glimpse the troubled path ahead for them and their families. Health

Who should get a coronavirus vaccine first?

Highest priority is likely to go to health-care and essential workers and high-risk populations in a decision-making process that appears destined to stir controversy. Health