The nation’s public health agencies are ailing when they’re needed most

It is one of many weaknesses that left the United States ill-prepared for a pandemic. Health

What is herd immunity, and why are Trump officials pursuing an idea WHO calls ‘dangerous’?

In theory, as the number of survivors with immunity increases to a certain level, the virus’s spread would slow and eventually stop. The only problem: A whole lot of people would die before that point. Health

Guardar una distancia de 1.8 metros puede no ser suficiente contra el coronavirus, dicen expertos

Factores como la densidad de la muchedumbre, la ventilación, el cubrebocas y si la gente está en silencio, hablando, gritando o cantando deben ser considerados en la evaluación de la distancia. Health

A rural wedding led to dozens of coronavirus cases. Officials see it as a cautionary tale.

“All the things that make rural America more vulnerable to any kind of disturbance of the equilibrium are magnified tenfold when you’re thinking about covid-19,” said Nirav Shah, director of the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Health

How Trump politicized another federal agency’s response to the pandemic

Demoralized FDA staff say a misleading announcement on convalescent plasma undermined scientists’ credibility and turned the agency into a prop in the president’s reelection campaign. Health