Thanksgiving vs. ‘pandemic fatigue.’ Experts warn against letting your guard down against covid-19 during the holiday.

CDC and health professionals say people need to maintain safety precautions to avoid transmission of the disease while attending such traditional get-togethers and celebrations. Health

I’m a long-term cancer survivor. Like others, I also face a higher risk of getting a second, unrelated cancer.

The chemotherapy and radiation therapy that saved our lives can, ironically, be the cause of new malignancies. Health

Nearly 1 in 3 young adults in the U.S. is unfamiliar with the five signs of a stroke

The study’s authors call for more focused initiatives and educational campaigns to spread the word about the dangerous medical condition. Health

First, coronavirus infections increased. Then, hospitalizations. Now, deaths are on the rise.

On some recent days, the number of deaths nationally has exceeded 1,000. Health

Trump’s pandemic agenda shoved government scientists aside. They’re attempting an 11th-hour comeback.

Alarmed by the worsening pandemic and a president who mocks the virus at rallies, health agency scientists are resisting the administration’s agenda in ways small and large Health