Moderna to ask the FDA to greenlight its coronavirus vaccine

If the vaccine receives a green light, 20 million doses could be given by the end of the year. Health

Cramming may help for next-day exams. But for long-term memory, spacing out study is what works.

Cognitive scientists say this spacing effect has a major impact on learning and retaining information — names, dates, skills — for weeks, months and years longer than cramming. Health

How to keep your sadness from turning into depression

A psychologist provides five strategies to resist certain ways of thinking and behaving that can cause such a downward spiral. Health

Pandemic raises difficult issues about limits of tests for covid-19, other diseases

Test results may be false positives or negatives, or may show an abnormality that doesn’t matter. Even accurate, meaningful outcomes are useless unless acted on appropriately. Health

Mass vaccinations against covid-19 will be ‘mind-blowing’ challenge for Alabama, other poor, rural states

Rural barriers and the legacy of the Tuskegee syphilis experiment, which still complicates outreach to minority populations, pose obstacles to immunization. Health