HPV vaccine study shows major geographic disparities in people receiving or completing doses to fight the cancer-causing disease

The human papillomavirus is the most common cause of cervical cancer. Health

How to reduce the risk of covid-19 airborne transmission inside a car

Shields between front and back likely aren’t enough. Best is to open all windows — or at least one in front and one in the rear — to increase airflow and flush aerosol particles out. Health

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Essential workers get lost in the vaccine scrum as states prioritize the elderly

As states try to speed rollout of coronavirus vaccines by adding people 65 and older to near the front of the line, front-line essential workers, who often face the highest risk of exposure to the virus, will be waiting longer to get protected, experts, union officials and workers say. Health

Americans can’t cut back on salt. One likely reason: Packaged and prepared foods are filled with it.

Scientists and others continue to look for ways to reduce the amount people eat in the U.S. Health