Coronavirus vaccines are coming for kids — but studies have to be finished first

The threshold for herd immunity almost certainly won’t be reached without providing vaccines to many of the approximately 75 million people under the age of 18. Health

Top Trump adviser warned then-president on virus supply shortage, then pursued controversial deals

Democrats probe more than $ 1 billion in “haphazard” supply contracts, citing new documents. Health

Michigan’s Whitmer asks White House to surge vaccine to country’s hot spots as cases climb

But Biden’s coronavirus coordinator said the administration is not inclined to change its allocation formula. Health

Coronavirus question: Who should get a coronavirus test?

Not absolutely everyone needs to take one — but more than those showing symptoms should get them. Health

The Big Number: 94 percent of older Americans take medications that could increase their likelihood of falling

In an 18-year span, research shows those 65 and older filled more than 7.8 billion prescriptions for high blood pressure, depression, sleep problems or pain. Health