CDC says coronavirus could be under control this summer in U.S. if people get vaccinated and are careful

The report comes as administration officials and leaders in many states are sounding more confident that the country can return to a degree of normalcy relatively soon. Health

HHS, HUD team up to bring coronavirus vaccines to public housing and shelters

The partnership is part of the Biden administration’s efforts to promote equity in the pandemic response. Health

Biden commits to waiving vaccine patents, driving wedge with pharmaceutical companies

Dozens of developing countries back the proposal, arguing it will allow them to rapidly produce their own generic vaccines, rather than wait months or years for sufficient doses. Health

Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine offers strong protection against key variants of concern, real-world data from Qatar shows

The findings back up laboratory tests that had suggested the vaccine would protect against variants first identified in South Africa and Britain. Health

U.S. birthrate falls to its lowest rate in decades in wake of the pandemic

It is the biggest annual decrease in almost half a century — suggesting the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated an existing trend. Health