CDC says coronavirus could be under control this summer in U.S. if people get vaccinated and are careful

The report comes as administration officials and leaders in many states are sounding more confident that the country can return to a degree of normalcy relatively soon. Health

Officials grapple with coronavirus vaccine hesitancy among Latino evangelicals

Long-standing distrust of the government is combined with widespread misinformation online Health

In Florida Keys, a controversial project releases genetically modified mosquitoes

A “death mechanism” built into the insects is meant to prevent viable female offspring resulting from the mating, according to the British biotech company conducting the trial. Health

Scientists rediscover a climate-hardy coffee plant

Coffea stenophylla possesses greater tolerance for higher temperatures than Arabica and robusta coffee that dominate the market, researchers say. Health

FDA appears poised to authorize Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for adolescents by next week

Families and pediatricians have been eager for a vaccine to become available for children, particularly in advance of the next school year. Health

The coronavirus vaccine skeptics who changed their minds

The White House and public health experts are studying the Americans who went from “no” to “yes.” Health