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In Florida Keys, a controversial project releases genetically modified mosquitoes

A “death mechanism” built into the insects is meant to prevent viable female offspring resulting from the mating, according to the British biotech company conducting the trial. Health

Scientists rediscover a climate-hardy coffee plant

Coffea stenophylla possesses greater tolerance for higher temperatures than Arabica and robusta coffee that dominate the market, researchers say. Health

FDA appears poised to authorize Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for adolescents by next week

Families and pediatricians have been eager for a vaccine to become available for children, particularly in advance of the next school year. Health

The coronavirus vaccine skeptics who changed their minds

The White House and public health experts are studying the Americans who went from “no” to “yes.” Health

4 simple strength-training exercises to keep you fit as you age

These movements are modifications of traditional exercises. But they’re �doable for adults at all levels and will help you get and stay strong. Health

The Big Number: Blacks face four times higher risk of strokes than Whites, study finds

Researchers say their study illustrates need for increased blood pressure control, especially among young to middle-aged U.S. Black residents. Health

More than a year into the pandemic, we’re still figuring out what risks we’re willing to take

The latest CDC guidance on post-vaccination life leaves a long list of questions. Health

‘Human: The World Within’ combines amazing scientific details and personal reflections about how our bodies work

The six-part PBS series shows how our bodies perform thousands of tasks every second, as well as the astonishingly complex functions of our brains, hearts, immune systems. Health
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